Best foot forward?

How to determine which is your best foot? Longest or shortest? Fattest or thinnest? Strength vs. beauty? And why put it forward? Why not hold it in reserve – perhaps sacrificing your worst foot to the vagaries of street life, especially in the unprotected summer-sandals months.

I’m thinking of long toes – which were once prized as an attribute of a royal bloodline.

Do long toes a best foot make? Or is it musculature – the powerful arch that can spur a great sprinter or support a long-distance runner or fuel an extended bout of hopping or skipping?

I know how obscure this issue might seem – but you know how this blog works… its what’s on my mind.

I confess to a bit of embarrassment, if not downright shame, about my non-best foot. It always seems like an interloper. No matter how good I’m feeling about myself or my body, there it is – the second piece of my unmatched set of anatomical foundations. A strangely long second toe with a bit of a knobby knuckle (nicely alliterative, don’t you think?)

I fear I have crossed over into the TMI zone…so I’ll stop now.

In solidarity: We are all transgender.

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