Boys will be boys…or not

So…I’ve been signing all my emails today: “We are all transgender.”

And – as you will understand – I’m reacting to el presidente’s evil words and would-be deeds.

But, I think my statement is true.

Consider this… If you are honest, you will admit that you don’t always feel like the gender you were assigned at birth. Men, don’t you sometimes feel a little (or a lot) like a girl? And I’m sure that my fellow women (see what I did there?) will acknowledge that there are times when you really feel like a guy. It’s normal (you should pardon the expression). We are multiplistic; an amalgamation. We are most certainly not one-dimensional in our sexuality or our gender identification.

Actually, I believe that embracing our trans-selves is both freeing and strengthening. To the degree to which we believe we have to play it like “a girl” or ” a boy” – that’s the degree to which we are self-limiting. Sort of like playing with only half the deck.

Parents are in the primary position of influencing where we stand on this issue of essential transgenderality. They can easily convey disapproval for any behavior outside the narrow bounds of a single gender. On the other hand, those mothers and fathers who are accepting of the blending of maleness and femaleness are most likely to produce children who are comfortable with all aspects of themselves.

Not to belabor this…I’m just sayin’…

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