Why doesn’t money make us sick?

Now – I’m not talking about the evils of filthy lucre…although I could (and maybe I should). No. I mean literally: Why do our bills get passed endlessly from hand to hand (until they fall apart), inevitably coming in contact with various and sundry bacteria and viruses, without causing a pandemic of contagion? Is there something we should be paying attention to in this? Can we extrapolate to our widespread well-being?

Seems to me (true: I’m not a doctor, nor do I even play one on TV) that there is some protective force at work.

I’m going to posit that the melding of our various bacteria creates a kind of cancelling effect. Basically, I think they knock each other out. Could I be right? Could this be a simple, non-technological method of health control? Just fire when ready and assail the societal body with every nasty microbe that can be mustered. It sounds like going nuclear, but I may be onto something big here.

Who’s up for an experiment? No? Chicken? Come on – what do we have to lose? Oh…just everything. Hmmm.

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