Are we the last generation of Americans…

Who are proud of their country? Who feel safer than any other people in the world? Who can trust in law and justice?

While we are waiting (for the answers, for the inevitable, for????)… Let’s talk about other stuff.

We are having a beautiful fall. And even in the realm of the political, it feels like the Trump brouhaha has awakened a sleeping populace (ours), which is a good thing. More and varied opinions are being expressed in public.

My understanding of things is that his (DJT) insecurities make it quite difficult for him to make an unpopular decision. He wants to please. Unfortunately, he often wants to please white nationalists or neo-Nazis, or Vladimir. Things trip lightly and mindlessly off his tongue and I think of John McCain’s famous little ditty: “Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb Iran.” We all took that as a bit of humor. Not so much humor to be taken from Trump’s words.

He is truly a wild card. His ego can’t handle any sleights or any (perceived) failure of respect, so he becomes wildly agitated. It hasn’t helped, of course, that his Secretary of State called him a fucking moron. But someone had to say what so many have been thinking. And, strangely, Trump has not yet fired Tillerson. Instead, he has challenged him to an IQ test. The absurd just gets absurder (and, yes, I know I was just docked two IQ points for not saying “more absurd.” Just a little moronic solidarity with dear leader.)

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