(don’t) KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR … and other tales from the Upper West Side, and beyond

     Here on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, life is full of drama and the cause célèbre du jour. In my posts you will hear what fills me with passion…and outrage. Sometimes, I’ll wander off to the larger definition of neighborhood and react to something going on in our immediate universe. Sometimes, I’ll just have to put something which is rattling around inside me out on the page.

      For a while now, I ‘ve been writing about Coolie Coolstein. He’s uncategorizable. His story has to be told. If you are new to his world, I suggest you go back to his beginnings on May 31, 2015, and come to know him as he evolved.

      If I can bring a smile to your heart or illumination to your mind, then I’ll be satisfied. If you agree or disagree with any of my natterings, or if you have strong feelings about Coolie, let me know.

      I would be interested in hearing any thoughts you have in reaction to something I’ve written.

Karen Krett

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and other tales from the Upper West Side and beyond