The endless, sometimes mindless, but always fascinating adventures of Coolie Coolstein

Coolie Coolstein arrived in my neighborhood on May 31, 2015. He’s been quite a presence. For those of you who may have missed an earlier episode, here’s a list of all his adventures:


Episode 1:  May 31, Coolie Coolstein

Episode 2:   June 1,   The Return of Coolie Coolstein

Episode 3:   June 1, The further adventures of you know who

Episode 4:   June 2,   Positively Fourth Street: Coolie’s Revenge

Episode 5:   June 4,  It’s A Cool World After All

Episode 6:  June 5,   Morris get me my sweater. Is It too cool in here?

Episode 7:   June 6,   What’s the Opposite of Cool? – or Coolie Does Mushrooms  (Accidentally)

Episode 8:   June 8,   Coolstein To The Stars

Episode 9:   June 9,   Mother of Cool!!

Episode 10:  June 11, Bad Day in the Known Universe. (Not So Bad Elsewhere.)

Episode 11: June 12, Be Cool. (Don’t) Kill Your Neighbor(‘s Cat).

Episode 12: June 13, Coolie Discusses Beshert or “meant to be.” An

unexpected bit of pondering.

Episode 13: June 15, Coolstein Meets Brownstein

Episode 14: June 16, What Is This Thing Called Cool?

Episode 15: June 18, Where Have All the Coolsteins Gone?

Episode 16: June 20, Little Shop of Coolness or Coolie Does Retail with an Assist From the Cosmos

Episode 17: June 21, Coolie and Company Go to the Beach – part 1

Episode 18, June 22, Coolie and Company Go to the Beach – part 2

Episode 19, June 24, Where Does the Mojo Go When the Mojo Goes?

Episode 20, June 25, The Electric Coolstein Acid Test…or Coolie Does Acid – on purpose

Episode 21, June 27, We are the (Coolstein) World

Episode 22, June 29, Change is Cool, Right?

Episode 23, June 30, It’s Somebody’s Birthday – But I Can’t Say Who.  (Does it Start with  “C”? Maybe. Maybe Not.)

Episode 24, July 1, The Double Thank You: Is it Cool, or Are We Fools?

Episode 25, July 3, Coolie Goes to Cali and Nothing Is Ever The Same or…  Nothing Ever Changes

Episode 26, July 5, I’m Melting…The Uncooling.

Episode 27, July 8, Reconstitution: An Opportunity? Cool!

Episode 28, July 12, Did You Miss Me?

Episode 29, July 14, Beware the Vegetarians or Coolie In Transition

Episode 30, July 15, Immortality or Coolie Has to Decide

Episode 31, July 18, Is It Rome or Am I Just Roaming? Confusion in the Coolstein ranks.

Episode 32, July 19, Tigers and Red Wings and Lions, Oh My! or Coolie, why are you in Detroit?

Episode 33, July 23, Keep Away From Armadillos – they spread leprosy.

Episode 34, July 27, Cool’s Back for the Rest of the Summer

Episode 35, July 29, Cracker Grow Big

Episode 36, August 1, Where Cool Is King

Episode 37, August 6, Dear Readers, Heeerrre’s Coolie

Episode 38, August 8, God Knows What – But It’s Cool, Right?

Episode 39, August 9, The Ghost in the Machine

Episode 40, August 11, No Rest for the Cool

Episode 41, August 13, In the Land of the Cool and the Home of the …Brave?

Episode 42, August 15, It’s Always Those Little Cakes…

Episode 43, August 17, President Coolidge? No, Stupidface, President Coolstein

Episode 44, August 20, And the Bride Wore Blue…

Episode 45, August 22, Bagonies to the Right of Me; Bagonies to the Left

Episode 46, August 26, Beyond the Bagonies

Episode 47, August 27, Trouble in Coolville

Episode 48, August 30, Coolie Ex Machina

Episode 49, September 1, Meeting the Parent

Episode 50, September 11, Funny, You Don’t Look Coolish

Episode 51, September 11, Return of the Jedi? Nope. Coolie

Episode 52, September 12, Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Episode 53, September 19, Where Has All the Coolness Gone?

Episode 54, September 23, Cooling in the USA

Episode 55, September 28, Another Bend in the Space-Time Continuum

Episode 56, October 2, The Thread

Episode 57, October 6, Coolie Heard Me Talking About Guilt and His Eyes Got As Big As Saucers

Episode 58, October 13, Family Reunion

Episode 59, October 18, From Baseball to the Infinite

Episode 60, October 20, Return of the Thread: Family Reunion, the Denouement

Episode 61, October 25, Woodward and Brownstein

Episode 62, October 28, Coolie Plays the Stock Market

Episode 63, November 1, Not Knowing

Episode 64, November 6, Coolie’s Identity Crisis

Episode 65, November 12, Coolie Doesn’t Do Brown

Episode 66, November 16, Coolie’s Been Sad

Episode 67, November 26, Coolie Gives Thanks

Episode 68, December 1, Too Cool for School? Nope.

Episode 69, December 15, Coolie’s Lost and Found

Episode 70, December 21, What’s That, Coolie? Speak Up.

Episode 71, December 31, Coolie Does Times Square


Episode 72, January 12, An addendum…from the alternate universe known as Coolstein: Coolie’s Command Performance

Episode 73, January 21, Coolie Meets GHS

Episode 74, January 28, Coolie’s On the Move

Episode 75, February 2, Coolie and Wheel of Fortune

Episode 76, February 14, Coolie Meets Cole

Episode 77, February 25, Work, Coolie, Work!!

Episode 78, March 7, Coolie and the Old Meatballs

Episode 79, April 1, Coolie in the Springtime

Episode 80, April 25, Death of Coolie, Coolie cooling his heels

Episode 81, May 15, How Coolie Deals with Scarcity

Episode 82, May 24, Is This The End of Coolie? How Can That Be? (It Can’t.)

Episode 83, June 3, Whatsamatta Shtew?

Episode 84, June 23, Coolie in Summer

Episode 85, June 28, Must All Things Come To An End? Coolie Wants To Know.

Episode 87, July 12, Coolie is Pining for Uncle Greg

Episode 88, July 29, Coolie Likes Robocop (this should be inscribed in a heart with an arrow going through it)

Episode 89, July 31, Being and Nothingness – Is Coolstein Going Highbrow?

Episode 90, Sept. 1, Where’s Coolie? Has Anyone Seen Our Boy?

Episode 91, Oct. 1, Coolie’s Gone Dark

Episode 92, Oct. 20, Should We Wake Him?

Episode 93, Apr. 30, The Cool One Returns.


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